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About Us

Milwaukee Mental Health Services (MMHA) received its first Purchase of Service Contract from Milwaukee County Mental Health Division in 1995 and started their initial Community Support Program (CSP) with a target of 30 clients. On January 2, 2000, ownership of MMHA was changed from the Conrad Group to Executive Director Arthur Noble and Associate Director Robert E. Johnson when it became Milwaukee Mental Health Associates, Inc. In 2008, MMHA became a non-profit organization where Arthur Noble is Executive Director and Robert E. Johnson became Executive Administrator. 

Milwaukee Mental Health Associates Inc. implemented the Assertive Community Treatment (ACT) in 2014. ACT  is a team treatment approach within Milwaukee Mental Health Associates, Community Support Program. ACT is designed to provide comprehensive, community based services, rehabilitation and support to persons with serious and persistent mental illness.

Milwaukee Mental Health Associates Inc. implemented the Integrated dual diagnosis treatment (IDDT) in 2014. IDDT is an evidence based model that addresses a person’s substance use and the treatment of their mental illness together. IDDT seeks to treat the whole person instead of looking only at one issue at a time. Throughout treatment, patients participate in appropriate combinations of group, family and individual therapy, and relapse prevention sessions.

Research suggests it takes up to three years to implement this evidence-based practice. In February 2014 MMHA received a baseline fidelity score of 3 out of 5.  In April of 2015 MMHA completed a second Fidelity review which scored 4.2 out of a possible 5, which represents a well implemented team for our north side office.  In April 2015 MMHA opened a south side location, this location’s baseline Fidelity review scored a 3.6 out of 5 which is at average operating level. We take pride with this score as the program has been in operation for two years and shows that we are continuing to make progress with integrating the ACT model. MMHA has read the assessment, along with recommendations from the reviewers and have implemented these changes to adhere to the ACT-IDDT model. MMHA north received a TMACT Fidelity audit in August 2016 where MMHA north CSP received a score of 3.07 out of 5. MMHA south received a TMCT fidelity score of 2.54 out of 5 in 2017.

Our professional staff is critical in helping patients in recovery achieve their goals.  MMHA, Inc. has very high standards for the entire staff. Case management staff in CSP, and TCM are closely supervised, monitored and supported by Clinical Coordinators, Assistant Program Director, Program Director and Executive Director.  Contact between the clients and the case managers is managed daily, with the assistance of a quality control specialist who frequently reviews consumers’ charts to ensure that documentation of contacts are both accurate and recorded properly. MMHA sponsors an annual retreat, numerous training opportunities, and an annual appreciation dinner recognizing the dedication and efforts by the staff

Our goal is to assist clients by being active collaborators in coordinating with recovery supports and services available to them in the community. Our approach emphasizes respect for the client and efforts to promote independence and self-empowerment.

In addition to case management, other client services provided include psychiatric evaluations, medical and physical out-patient treatment, substance abuse treatment, a variety of treatment groups led by certified management personnel, and various recreation/socialization activities. MMHA was the first CSP in Milwaukee County to roll out the IPS (Individual Placement and Support Employment Program) in November of 2013.