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3975 N 68th Street

Milwaukee, WI 53216

24 Hour Emergency Services

P: 414-873-1960

Meet Our Staff

The MMHA Innovators - Introducing new ways to aid consumers in their recovery by being person centered and fostering independence.

MMHA Staff
Servicing All Locations

Arthur Noble, Executive Director  
414-645-9930 ext 138

Chantil Harris, Program Director 
414-873-1960 ext.121

Tyson Spears, Assistant Program Director 
414-873-1960 ext.122

Tiffanie Arms, Office Manager / Human Resources
414-873-1960 ext.133

Yvonne Williams, Bookkeeper
414-873-1960 ext.134

Kurt Wood, Bookkeeper
414-873-1960 ext.137

Kris Lavora, Quality Assurance
414-873-1960 ext.135

Chase Avenue (CSP South)

Tina Yegger, Clinical Coordinator

Joesph Tarantino, Clinical Coordinator

Merideth Attaway, CSP Case Manager

Johanna Hunt, CSP Case Manager

John Duffey, CSP Case Manager

Jesse Jastram, CSP Case Manager

Deborah Strong, CSP Case Manager

Lisa Regner, CSP Case Manager

Emily Whitcomb, CSP Case Manager

Julie Preiser, CSP Case Manager

Ranetta Palmer, CSP Case Manager

Daniel Chadwick, CSP Case Manager

Chery Ramirez, Mental Health Technician 

Qweneshia Gant, Mental Health Technician 

Frank Fritz, Certified Peer Support Specialist 

Iris Pinero, Administrative Assistant

68th Street (CSP North)

Lannie Rowney, Clinical Coordinator
414-873-1960 ext.145

Charity Schwingle, Clinical Coordinator
414-873-1960 ext.153

Zonea Mims, CSP Case Manager
414-873-1960 ext.152

Bettye Jones, CSP Professional Case Manager
414-873-1960 ext.150

Ericka Gregorek, CSP Professional Case Manager 
414-873-1960 ext.146

Kayla Redford, CSP Case Manager 
414-873-1960 ext.148

Denesha Quantrell, CSP Case Manager
414-873-1960 ext. 156

Nicole Dunn, IPS Supervisor 
414-461-4530 ext.115

Stanley Brown, IPS Employment Specialist 
414-461-4530 ext.114

Kimberly Watts, CSP Mental Health Tech
414-873-1960 ext.157

Jessica Key, CSP Case Manager
414-873-1960 ext.149

Louis Smith, Peer Support Specialist 
414-873-1960 ext.155

Elithia Starks Administrative Assistant

Kennea Leech Administrative Assistant

68th Street CCS

Valerie Becke, CCS Supervisor and Mental Health Professional 
414-873-1960 ext.131

Sha’Ron Maclin, CCS Intake Coordinator and Substance Abuse Counselor
414-873-1960 ext.126

Keisha Owten, CCS Rehabilitation Specialist
414-873-1960 ext.128

Shytanya Kyles, CCS Care Coordinator
414-873-1960 ext.130

Sha’Juan Kennedy, CCS Care Coordinator
414-873-1960 ext.

68th Street (TCM)

Erionia Dixon, TCM Supervisor 
414-461-4530 ext.111

Sophia Dixon, TCM Case Manager 
414-461-4530 ext.103

Constance Barnes, TCM Case Manager 
414-461-4530 ext.112

Whitney Brown, TCM Supervisor 
414-461-4530 ext.102

Jessica Gulbronson, TCM Case Manager
414-461-4530 ext.109

Richard Williams, TCM Case Manager
414-461-4530 ext.107

Krisy Castro, TCM Case Manager
414-461-4530 ext.104

Brandon Johnson TCM Case Manager
414-461-4530 ext.106

Heather Angelinetta TCM Case Manager
414-461-4530 ext.113

Katrina Jones, Administrative Assistant