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P: 414-873-1960

F: 414-873-4990

3975 N 68th Street

Milwaukee, WI 53216

24 Hour Emergency Services

P: 414-873-1960

Meet Our Staff

The MMHA Innovators - Introducing new ways to aid consumers in their recovery by being person centered and fostering independence.

MMHA Staff
Servicing All Locations

Chantil Harris, Executive Director 
414-873-1960 ext.138

Tyson Spears, Program Director
414-873-1960 ext.121

Katrina Jones, Executive  Assistant

Lannie Rowney, Clinical Director
414-873-1960 ext.145

Tiffanie Arms, Office Manager / Human Resources
414-873-1960 ext.133

Yvonne Williams,  Senior Bookkeeper
414-873-1960 ext.134

Kurt Wood, Bookkeeper
414-873-1960 ext.137

Kris Lavora, Quality Assurance
414-873-1960 ext.135

Chase Avenue (CSP South)

Charity Schwingle, Clinical Coordinator
414-645-9930 ext. 104

Danielle Paige, CSP Case Manager
414-645-9930 ext.108

Jerry Turner, CSP Case Manager
414-645-9930 ext.105

Lee Villatoro, CSP Clinical Coordinator
414-645-9930 ext. 122

Carol Heller, CSP Case Manager
414-645-9930 ext. 121

Ranetta Palmer, CSP Case Manager
414-645-9930 ext. 119

Shanha Stephens, CSP Case Manager
414-645-9930 ext.110

Brenda Hazelwood, CSP Case Manager
414-645-9930 ext.103

Michelle Goffin, CSP Case Manager
414-645-9930 ext.112

Shawn Setzer, CSP Peer Support
414-645-9930 ext.118

Ben Flores, CSP Peer Support
414-645-9930 ext.115

Iris Pinero, Administrative Assistant


68th Street (CSP North)

Tina Yegger, Clinical Coordinator
414-873-1960 ext.153

Karen Gilliam, CSP Case Manager
414-873-1960 ext.152

Bettye Jones, CSP Professional Case Manager
414-873-1960 ext.150

Ericka Gregorek, CSP Professional Case Manager
414-873-1960 ext.146

Merideth Attaway, CSP Case Manager
414-873-1960ext. 148

Thomas Smith, CSP Case Manager
414-873-1960 ext.157

Brian Rutz, CSP Case Manager
414-873-1960 ext. 154

Kayla Kahn, CSP Case Manager
414-873-1960 ext. 149

Cedranisha Smith, CSP Case Manager
414-873-1960 ext. 156

Louis Smith, Peer Support Specialist
414-873-1960 ext.155

Dameus Hall, Administrative Assistant

68th Street CCS

Sha’Ron Maclin, CCS Administrator
414-461-4530 ext.117

Johanna Hunt, CCS Mental Health Professional
414-461-4530 ext.131

Shytanya Kyles, CCS Care Coordinator
414-461-4530 ext.130

John Duffey, CCS Mental Health Professional
414-461-4530 ext.127

Zonea Mims, CCS Care Coordinator
414-461-4530 ext.129

Joseph Tarantino, CCS Care Coordinator
414-461-4530 ext.128

Kristina Schramkowski, CCS Care Coordinator
414-461-4530 ext.124

68th Street CCS Ancillary Services


Nicole Dunn, IPS Supervisor
414-461-4530 ext.115

Tamireka Exum, IPS Employment Specialist
414-461-4530 ext.114

Hector Pinero, Rehabilitation Specialist
414-461-4530 ext.116

Diamond Lee, Rehabilitation Specialist
414-461-4530 ext.126

Peer Support
Frank Fritz, CCS Peer Support Specialist
414-461-4530 ext.123

Christopher Blatt, CCS Peer Support Specialist
414-461-4530 ext.121

68th Street (TCM)

Whitney Brown, TCM Supervisor 414-461-4530 ext.102

Sophia Dixon, TCM Supervisor
414-461-4530 ext.110

Constance Barnes, TCM Case Manager
414-461-4530 ext.112

Jessica Gulbronson, TCM Case Manager
414-461-4530 ext.109

Richard Williams, TCM Case Manager
414-461-4530 ext.107

Krisy Castro, TCM Case Manager
414-461-4530 ext.104

Elethia Starks TCM Case Manager
414-461-4530 ext.113

Cherieliz Ramirez TCM Case Manager
414-461-4530 ext.108

Qweneshia Gant TCM Case Manager
414-461-4530 ext.115

Rikki Robinson, TCM Case Manager
414-461-4530 ext.111

Anisha Threat, TCM Peer Support
414-461-4530 ext.102

Kennea Leech Administrative Assistant